Call Recording

Call recording and lead attribution

Starting at $249/ month a la carte - included in most plans

We offer premium call recording solutions through CallRail, our recommended phone tracking solution.  We also proudly integrate with any existing client tracking solutions.  We recommend that our clients review their calls on a monthly basis for training purposes - you'll be surprised at what you hear!  Beyond training, you can now quickly tally leads and sales by website visit source (and keyword) directly inside of CallRail

Train your staff:

We abide by state law, noting calls will be recorded in states that require two party consent.  Outside of those states, call recording is seamless and not detectable by your callers

Attribute your leads and sales:

  • Lead source (direct, organic, paid, referral)
  • Ad network (Google, Bing, Facebook)
  • Keyword searched (Google Ads/Bing Ads Only)

Use AI to auto-score your calls:

For high volume call clients, we can enable CallScore which uses AI to scan, listen to, and rate your call based on the likelihood of it being a qualified lead.  A great time saver.

Please reach out for more information about our phone tracking solutions.