CoolSculpting marketing faq

Our CoolSculpting®  marketing program is based off hundreds of thousands of dollars spent learning what keywords, ad copy, landing pages, and promotions work best to drive revenue.  Below are the most common questions I get asked from CoolSculpting® providers.

How can I earn more CoolSculpting® Revenue?

As of June 2018,  Facebook and AdWords yield the highest cycle volume and best ROI for our CoolSculpting® providers.  Practices consistently earn $140,000 in CoolSculpting® revenue per month as a direct result of ads on the aforementioned platforms.

How much can I expect to pay per lead?

We see Facebook leads consistently in the $6 range, and Google/Bing leads as low as $18.  This data comes from a high income suburban area.  Similar practice locations can expect similar prices (+/- 30%), while city-based locations might expect to pay more.

what will be cost per treatment performed be?

Our practices commonly see a sub $100 cost per booked treatment when they follow our simple guidelines for lead nurturing.

How much revenue can I expect to earn?

The results we've seen are nothing less than phenomenal.  Our practices consistently earn $140,000+ in treatment revenue (2018 data).  Our program is the result of months of testing different offers, messages, and bidding strategies across 3 ad networks.

What makes your program special?

Our program is based on months of CoolSculpting® ad data we collected and analyzed.  We've tested, improved, and perfected the entire CoolSculpting® lead generation process.  Our program works with any website and includes everything you need:

  • Ads on Google, Facebook, and Bing
  • Battle-tested landing pages, promotions, and offers that are proven to generate leads
  • Phone call tracking and recording
  • Detailed LIVE reporting, accessibly anywhere
  • Our providers consistently earn $140,000+ in monthly revenue from a $8,000 ad budget.

We are also a certified Google partner, meaning we've met Google's strict standards for performance.  


What should my monthly budget be?

A good rule of thumb is to target about 10 miles around your practice.  For a population of 1 million people, I would allocate $4,000/mo as a healthy budget, with $2,000/mo as a minimum.

You can estimate population in a given radius using this somewhat complicated tool.  Or, we can perform a complimentary estimate for you.

What keywords should I target?

We've done the work and spent a significant amount of money to learn the exact CoolSculpting® related keywords that generate patients, and (unfortunately for us), those that did not.

You don't have to waste any money - we'll use  the proprietary keywords list and customize it to your local geographic area.

what should my ads say?

Creating ads on Google is deceptively simple.  Unfortunately, we see amateur mistakes like less than 5 ads per ad group, poor/no call to action, and promotions that lack appeal.

We tested 20 different messages over 1.5 million searches to learn what works.  

how can i ensure patient information is handled securely?

Your site must be end-to-end secure and HIPAA compliant.  When handling customer data like e-mails and remarketing lists, we follow rock-solid protocol and only transmit data securely.  Access is strictly controlled and personal data is never shared between clients in any form.

How high should I set my bids?

This is highly specific to your area including competition, your quality score, and the overall relevance between your ads, keywords, and landing pages.  The cost between position 1 and 3 can be massive and requires significant amounts of testing to learn what generates the best ROI.

Again, we've done the work here so you don't have to.  We're able to pivot and take a range of approaches from highly efficient to powerfully aggressive.

What should be on my landing page?

This is arguably the most important factor in your ability to drive revenue.  We use a 3rd party landing page creation tool that delivers a beautiful, clean, easy to use lead capture form.  Like other aspects of our program, we've tested multiple variations of these pages to find the one that converts best.  We've seen conversion rates consistently in the 18%+ range.

How can i get results like this?

Let's schedule a consultation where we can perform a budget estimate specific to your market.  We currently have capacity for a limited number of additional CoolSculpting® providers.

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