Merkava Group Is Focused On Driving Quality Leads

For Medical-Aesthetic services, treatments, and procedures across Google Ads, Facebook/Instagram Ads and more.

While we're well-known for our success with CoolSculpting® and Injectables, we have a full suite of offerings for many popular treatments and services. Our research team is always hard at work developing landing pages and ad copy for treatments as they hit the market so our clients can capture leads before their competitors do.


It's all included.

We allocate your budget on where it will perform best, and you pay a flat fee based on your ad media spend. We recommend starting with CoolSculpting®

Powerful targeting methods plus beautiful, conversion-focused ad copy means top-tier results on Google Ads, Bing Ads, and affiliated 3rd party networks.

Eye-catching creative meets AI-based audience targeting to drive cost-effective, qualified leads. Greatly enhances the results of paid search advertising

Nothing goes unseen. We track every major user interaction to gather data that drives you the lowest cost per lead possible. Our fully-transparent reports are updated twice-daily so you’re always in the know.

Our award-winning, hand-crafted landing pages are built with a conversion-first focus. Take the guesswork out of design: hundreds of A/B tests have already given us the answers.


We’re Always Researching the Latest Treatments

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We provide recommendations around what treatments to advertise, which promotions to run, and where to allocate your budget.

Facebook/Instagram Ads and Google Ads make up 95% of our client’s media budgets and are two key components of our successful advertising program.

For practices looking to go above and beyond, we offer branding campaigns, radio advertisements, and other promotions on niche ad networks like Spotify Ads, Yelp Ads, and TikTok Ads.

Rock-star image and video creative paired with secret-sauce audience targeting yields low-cost, quality leads while driving brand awareness. Remarketing to Google traffic boosts results through cross-platform continuity.

We stay on the bleeding edge of Google Ads best practice to deliver the most impactful Search, Remarketing, Gmail, and YouTube ads that drive quality leads at reasonable costs. Combine with Facebook/Instagram to supercharge results.

Get your message out to a specific audience instead of relying on the spray-and-pray approach of terrestrial radio. Voiceovers provided at no extra cost!

Get your message out to a specific audience instead of relying on the spray-and-pray approach of terrestrial radio. Voiceovers provided at no extra cost!

Though an emerging ad market, Tik Tok is excellent for driving awareness and views through ultra-catchy creative.

Limited to specific use cases, Yelp Ads can enhance results from Google Ads when managed effectively.

Don’t forget about Bing! We boost your monthly leads 5-10% for minimal cost by taking advantage of a search engine used by high net-worth individuals.